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As an added touch, you can submit your own orders to BLUEBONNET or receive a personalized quote with BLUEBONNET via the green Qualia button below.

Technology is changing how businesses operate, and real estate is no exception.

We want to be a local leader for adapting technology that is beneficial to the customer – whether it is a buyer, seller, broker, or lender – and makes the closing process as efficient, seamless, and enjoyable as possible.  Whether this is through the use of virtual notaries, electronic signatures, or state of the art escrow software, BLUEBONNET will be an early adopter of that technology for the benefit of the Customer.


QUALIA is our secure, online title, escrow, and closing platform and is used by the top title and escrow companies in the country.  It empowers us to provide our clients with around the clock real-time updates on the closing process, communicate through a secure mobile app, and provide a document storage portal for our clients to access and e-sign their documents on their own schedules.  


QUALIA CONNECT is a cloud-based closing platform that connects everyone in the closing in one place, and through which documents and correspondence can be securely and efficiently exchanged.  All of our partners and their clients can now:

  • Get quotes and order closings in just a few clicks

  • Get real-time updates on the closing process

  • Send messages and share documents securely

  • Provide information and e-sign documents seamlessly

  • Use our mobile app while on the go

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