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Bluebonnet® Abstract and Title is a locally owned and operated title company based in Washington County, The birthplace of Texas. Bluebonnet was established to provide a title company focused on the customer and the community. Bluebonnet sets itself apart from its competitors by providing excellent customer service in all aspects of the real estate transaction – from escrow, title examination, title insurance, to closing. Our customers actually enjoy the real estate closing process – we know you will too.


Our mission is to offer a customer-focused closing experience that is professional, high-quality, and enjoyable. As well as to be a trusted community asset that makes the real estate closing process as seamless and enjoyable as possible for the customer.

While focused on farm and ranch properties in the counties between Houston and Austin, Bluebonnet serves the entire state of Texas through strategic partnerships across the state.  We can handle pretty much any deal anywhere in the State of Texas for you and your clients when you CLOSE WITH BLUE®.


We believe that how we do everything matters, and we work until it's right.  Our excellent service is based on responsiveness, innovation, courtesy, and teamwork.


At the end of the day, we want to see goodness for our people,

our community, and our customers.  



Life and business are about building relationships that last.  We are members, friends, business leaders, and trusted advisors in our local communities.  We strive for positive and meaningful contributions in our Community and in each of our Customer’s lives.  

We want to be Your Community Title Company®.

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Shane Nelson



Carrie Poffenberger

Vice President/Escrow Officer

Shane Nelson, President and Founder of Bluebonnet, set out to make a different kind of title company – one that focused on the customer and not just the bottom line or doing things “the way they’ve always been done.” Shane’s mission was to create a unique experience for buyers, sellers, agents, and lenders. Shane is an 8th-generation Texan and a dyed-in-the-wool Aggie. He was born, raised, and educated right here in the Brazos Valley. Shane received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M and his law degree from the University of Texas. After working for an international law firm in downtown Houston, Shane moved his legal practice to Brenham in 2015. Shane wears many hats as the Bluebonnet attorney, in addition to being a licensed patent and trademark attorney and actively serving as a Technical Master for patent cases in federal courts. Shane and his wife, Erin, live in Washington County with their three kids on a beautiful, bluebonnet-covered farm. They are members of Brenham’s First Baptist Church and Shane serves on multiple non-profit boards including the Washington County Chamber of Commerce and Brenham Pregnancy Center. When he’s not bulldozing or brush-clearing his property, he’s eating Blue Bell ice cream or making homemade ice cream, camping with his kids, or planning his next prank on the Bluebonnet office.


Laura Hildreth

Escrow Officer


Amy Dooley

Escrow Officer

Carrie Poffenberger is Vice President and Head Escrow Officer of Bluebonnet. When Carrie learned of the vision of Bluebonnet – to make a different kind of title company – one focused on the customer – she jumped headfirst into the deep end. She immersed herself in the company from the beginning and quickly became the backbone of operations. Carrie was born in Brenham and raised in Bellville, Texas, where she continues to call home. She earned an undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies and Biblical Counseling from the College of Biblical Studies. Carrie has a special heart for mentoring young women and has been a large part of Young Life and other ministries. Prior to coming to Bluebonnet, Carrie dedicated most of her time to managing a busy home and caring for her family. She brings this experience to the closing table every time she assists a client with her thoughtful demeanor and helpful attitude. Carrie’s desire is to see her community grow in healthy and wholesome ways while staying true to the small-town charm and feel. One thing Carrie says about her experience in the title industry is, “I love being one of the first people newcomers meet when they move into the area. I take it upon myself to welcome them and make sure they know we love it here too!” Carrie set out to make sure Bluebonnet changed the landscape of closings and the title industry in the rural market. As that dream became a reality, Carrie solidified her commitment to the company by becoming Vice President. Carrie personifies the goals of Bluebonnet – to engage in old-fashioned hospitality while embracing modern technology to give our clients stress-free closings with Southern hospitality.


Jennifer Robinson

Escrow Officer


Angela Marek

Escrow Officer


Bobbye Marrs

Vice President/Lead Title Examiner

Bobbye Marrs is Vice-President, Lead Title Examiner, and Resident Map Nerd at Bluebonnet. Bobbye has loved maps since before she could read. Some of her earliest memories are sitting at her dad’s knee while he (a cartographer/draftsman) hand-drew county maps. Bobbye began her career in the title industry more than thirty years ago as a title plant assistant. She has since become a Certified Abstract Examination Professional. Bobbye has researched title in multiple counties and built numerous title plants including overseeing Bluebonnet’s multi-county licensing and title plant build. Bobbye loves problem-solving and tackling complex title issues. Researching the historical past of a property and linking it to its current owner is one of her favorite things to do. She can usually be found in the Bluebonnet vault squinting at old deeds. Bobbye was born in Brenham and has made Washington County her home for over a decade. She has a degree in English and is a published author. She spends her “free” time as a prolific graphic designer and amateur photographer, learning random new skills, or volunteering at her church. Bobbye joined the Bluebonnet team to be part of a client-focused business. When she learned of Shane’s and Carrie’s vision for a “different kind of title company” she immediately dove in and made her niche in title examination and project management.


Stacy Pritchard

Escrow Officer


Rachel Sandoval



Kelly Williams

Escrow Accountant


Bethany Grubbs

Post Closing


Kerigan Rodriguez

Administrative Assistant


Travis Neikamp

Title Examiner


Grace Marrs

Marketing/ Title Assistant


Kristin Baird

Title Examiner


Haley Guerrero




The Bluebonnet team offers a comprehensive range of services, including escrow and title services tailored to meet all your real estate needs. Our escrow services involve handling the receipt and distribution of payments upon transaction completion, while our title services encompass research, examination, closing, and insurance. Directed towards residential, commercial, and lender services, we provide personalized care and exceptional service. Additionally, we offer real estate education courses to help local professionals maintain industry certification. we prioritize treating your real estate transaction with the utmost care and respect.



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Text or Call us at 979-353-2553

Brenham Office

301 East Main Street

Brenham, TX 77833

Bellville Office

17 E Main Street

Bellville, TX 77418

Round Top Office

453 N Washington Street

Round Top, TX 78954

College Station

1509 Emerald Plaza, Suite 103

College Station, TX 77845

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